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AG亚游平台  Recently, the company was awarded "xinghua quality technology supervision bureau 2 0 a 3 year safe production advanced unit", "xinghua housing and urban and rural construction bureau 2 0 terminating the annual gas installation industry advanced unit" honorary title, and become the jiangsu province taizhou gas association member units. These honors obtained marked DE sheng people over the past few years in this region, bears hardships and stands hard work, loyal to their duties, serious and responsible spirit fully, says more about the DE sheng person of hard effort, the results obtained. Here we taizhou projects for the company, as DE sheng, cheers!

  Good news company in this year's work. Earlier this month, China and myanmar oil and gas pipeline engineering of China petroleum pipeline bureau (domestic) EPC project department issued letter of praise to our company warehouse project management center by kunming station are praising, part content is as follows.

  "· · · · · · among the more prominent is the statisticians Jia Lijuan, keeper Dong Lizhao, strict and careful seriously in their own jobs, practical, on the basis of complete the labor of duty to help the project department and construction unit staff do some depth, good working attitude and style has been the sino-burmese all produce certain influence. Kunming station outstanding achievement, has received from the owner and other units of praise.

  China and myanmar oil and gas pipeline engineering is a national key project, we have a long way to go. Kunming station staff work hard, dedicated to the service line, in their joint efforts, kunming station has been turned into my project department and even to the whole of benchmarking. We praise! "

  Praise the letter is not long but condensed the "personhood conduct unified, doing things, persistence, concentration, service, brand reputation first." Enterprise creed, especially in fully affirmed the Jia Lijuan, Dong Lizhao illustrates DE sheng people loyal to the responsibility, honest and trustworthy enterprise style.

AG亚游平台  Hope the broad masses of people to get the honor and praise the project department and the staff to study, learn about their strict and careful earnest, pragmatic style of work, they work hard to learning, dedicated to service a line of work attitude, spread out his company's each work to a new step!


Xinghua bureau of quality and technical supervision 2 0 year safe production advanced unit


AG亚游平台Xinghua of housing and urban-rural construction bureau 2 0 year gas installation industry advanced unit


Jiangsu taizhou gas association member units


Statisticians Jia Lijuan, keeper Dong Lizhao