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AG亚游平台  On July 10, the fourth construction company of China petroleum pipeline bureau department minister Chen a line of people, such as the pupil on behalf of the CPP management department to my company to "CPP strategic subcontractor qualification review" field.

  In recent years, with the expansion of the oil and gas pipeline engineering construction market, the good and evil people mixed up each subcontractor's construction team, management way is uneven. Brought pipeline construction safety and quality hidden trouble, also had a bad effect on the reputation of the pipeline bureau. In order to ensure the safety, quality of pipeline construction, pipeline bureau for each construction subcontractor has adopted a series of measures to strictly control its market access, and requirements for the unit must be strong, has the characteristics of professional enterprises.

AG亚游平台  During the investigation, a pupil minister Chen of people of our company's management model, each department functions and powers, the construction of enterprise culture, listen to my company leadership on all aspects of the construction of the report. Conversation, pupil minister Chen first to me the size of the company, management and performance given the full affirmation, and some problems on the company put forward valuable opinions and Suggestions. During the inspection is always full of warm and peaceful atmosphere.


On July 10, a pupil minister Chen of people examine to the company


Visit the company culture wall


Examine the various functional department


Visit the company enterprise culture construction


Report to the scene


Pupil minister Chen give me the size of the company, management and performance are fully approved

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