Stride forward

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  This year, the company is created in the seventh year, and deepen the "increase savings, improve efficiency, promote to contract management as the center of management system and project management as the center of the operation mechanism of the two center construction, developing in the direction of the management company" working train of thought is important for a year. To improve the work efficiency, the company to streamline management organization, from the original five one room to adjust for business management, project management department, personnel department, the department of financial assets management four functions. At the same time, to build a lean, efficient, honest and pragmatic team, the company adhere to the "almighty, sucker, form" the idea, with "is positioned by business and responsibilities clear, personnel" for the purpose, to carry out a series of personnel reform measures of the implementation of the work.

AG亚游平台  To implement talent strategy, open talent growth channel, stimulate the talents work enthusiasm, creativity and vitality, strengthen the construction of talent team, according to the company to managed the business enterprise development strategy and the characteristics and needs of the transformation of the mode of development, specification, control functions of the institutions, improve the post management, optimize personnel agency, combining with the actual status of the company's main business and human resources, the company in March this year, in line with the "democracy, openness, fairness and merit" competition policy, was carried out by all employees hired caries, mount guard.

AG亚游平台  Company according to business needs and personnel structure, to the enterprise management, professional and technical job, project management and operation service job, such as four series as the center, according to department functions to comb the business process and management process, and according to the principle of efficient, scientific and reasonable setting of various kinds of jobs. At the same time, in accordance with requirements of the job management, comprehensive consider post nature degree and technology content, responsibility size, heavy job analysis, job responsibilities and tasks, do not fail, do not overlap. This is not only adapt to the company development strategy adjustment and transformation of the mode of development needs, but also the necessary measures of company strategy.

AG亚游平台  Company the full implementation of the competitors, appraisal and job management system, especially for management duty and middle management and project management work, professional and technical post issued "notice about making a work of enterprise management, and the implementation of project management and professional and technical post evaluation work notice, in order to ensure the work smoothly, the company set up the appraisal committee to evaluate the work condition and capacity requirements of each position, formulated the caries making, implementation plan, work process and strict competition, engaging work discipline. The company hired, engaging work provides employees with a platform is steep and potential. Registration is making department, deputy of the staff and to assess the project management work to duty, professional and technical personnel are actively preparing for their own platform, for the future work boldly put forward its own ideas and Suggestions.

  Caries through this competition, work, made clear the development direction of their respective employees, improve the staff self-motivation and participate in the competition consciousness, fully embodies the DE sheng "I work hard, I create, I development" core values.


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