♦ company YongRenGuan

AG亚游平台  We are most welcome to can have a combination of moral and talent, but morality is the company's first inspection standards.

  Fair, open and fair.

AG亚游平台  All rivers run into sea mind, all-encompassing bearing, outrageous thinking, the inspiration of imagination.

  Believe that every employee is full of power,

AG亚游平台  Believe that every employee has the power,

  Let each employee free growth.

AG亚游平台  That's one small step for employees, the company a big step forward, Help employees grow, thus make the company grow faster.

 ♦ company team

AG亚游平台  Innovation and bold is the mother of success, fear and laziness is successful resistance.

AG亚游平台  The wolves beat tiger, hardened.

AG亚游平台  A team must have a common vision, a clear goal, a set of core ideas.

  Personal happiness of freedom, democracy's comments, sincere friendship team, a harmonious happy family.

 ♦ company security concept

AG亚游平台  String tight security awareness, the pop-up, peace and happiness.

AG亚游平台  Safety awareness in our hearts, safety in production in our hands.