Langfang D.S Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as D.S Company), an engineering company incorporated with the registered capital of 40 million RMB in 2007, mainly engages in the construction of petrochemical engineering, inspection of pipeline, pipeline maintenance, repair, opening, sealing services, putting into production & operation management of oil and gas pipeline, stations, oil depots.

  D.S Company’s existing management, technology, construction and other aspects of the professional staff of 362 people, including 23 constructors, 57 welders, 62 plumbers, 72 personnel with other special work certificates including sealing worker, anti-corrosive worker, instrument worker, electrician and rigger, etc, 89 intermediate technical workers. In order to better complete the construction under various conditions, D.S Company arranges high-quality construction equipment and purchases pipeline construction equipment and all kinds of repair equipment satisfying the requirements of construction capacity, including electric welder, dynamo, across machines, excavators, cranes, cutting machine, occluder, plugging adapter, plug head, an electric climbing tube machine, hydraulic climbing pipe machine, hydraulic guillotine SAW pipe machine, flap beveling machine, roots pump, explosion-proof submersible pumps, plumbing fixtures, hydraulic open hole machine, etc.

  D.S Company owns Grade 2 for general contracting of Petrochemical engineering,Grade 2 for specialized contracting of Electronic and intelligent engineering; is certified by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China for GA1 B, GA2 Class, GB1 (including PE-special) Class and GC1 Class pressure piping and passes the certification of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, GB/T50430-2007 Code for Quality Management of Engineering Construction Enterprises, ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System and GB/T28001-2011 Occupation Health Safety Management System. Also, D.S Company has become a Class B project construction contractor of China National Petroleum Corporation, a member of Project Construction Market Resource Database of Sinopec and a strategic (sub) contractor of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau, and received the market access permit from PetroChina Pipeline Company, PetroChina West China Pipeline Company, PetroChina West-East Gas Transmission Pipeline (Sales) Company, PetroChina Kunlun Gas Co., Ltd., PetroChina Tarim Oilfield Company, PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield Company and China City Natural Gas Investment Group Co., Ltd., etc. as well as the contractor construction certificate from Xinjiang Petroleum Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. In addition, D.S Company has been honored as the “Langfang Consumers’ Trustworthy Unit” for years.

AG亚游平台  Since its inception, D.S Company has been focused on pipeline engineering construction and related supporting projects, pipeline maintenance, testing and evaluation, emergency rescue work. D.S Company has undertaken more than 100 long distance transmission and gas pipeline engineering construction, as well as gas pipeline valve chamber, station, LNG filling stations and other ancillary works. After the completion of the construction of some projects, D.S Company assume operation and maintenance, emergency repair and other follow-up work.

  In 2009, commissioned by West-East gas pipeline company, D.S Company carried out Yanshuiguan tunnel pipe body post-evaluation project for West-East gas transmission. The content of this project was the domestic initiative, and achieved good results. After this project, D.S Company has carried out Pipeline integrity assessment of Yellow River crossing section at Zhongwei and Yangtze River shield tunnel section at Sanjiangkou for West-East gas transmission, Anti corrosion and safety evaluation of 5 tunnels in Shanxi management office for West-East gas transmission line, Detection of 1# and 2# mountain tunnel in Luozhentian village Enshi City for Zhongwu trunk line. In 2014, D.S Company undertaked the detection project of external corrosion protection layer and cathodic protection system for China-Ukraine gas pipeline. From 2010, commissioned by China City Natural Gas Investment Group Co., Ltd., in undertaking the pipeline construction at the same time, D.S Company has been assuming the pipeline inspection, maintenance and emergency rescue work.To improve the pipeline patrol line of effect, we use the UAV to collect images of special locations from the air, and make comparative analysis. As an auxiliary patrol inspection, it has achieved good application results. Through the implementation of the project, D.S Company’s capacity of pipeline inspection, testing of body, evaluation and maintenance, emergency rescue capabilities has improved.

  D.S Company keeps the people-oriented modern enterprise management model with pursuit of excellence, and persists in the service philosophy of satisfying the requirements of employer based on their needs, exceeding their expectations and winning their satisfaction through continual improvement. By establishing and improving QHSE assurance system and information management platform and employing the modern management methods and techniques, D.S Company organically combines the factors of production including human, money, material, technique and management, etc., so as to gradually develop into a specialized engineering company featured by well-developed management system, excellent technicians, excellent construction equipment and firm work style. As it strictly implements standards, organizes construction carefully and accepts supervision to guarantee project quality, D.S Company is highly recognized and favored by employers and all parties involved in project construction, and wins great reputation in the industry.

  D.S Company follows the ancient maxim that “great virtues as benevolence, loyalty, politeness, wisdom and honesty bear all things”, advocates the business philosophy that “wisdoms must be pooled like all rivers running into sea”, upholds the corporate tenet of “behaving consistently, acting persistently, serving honestly and putting brand reputation first”, and maintains a learning-oriented group with “learning before, during and after practice”. Through constant learning, practice and innovation, D.S Company cultivates its core capability in four aspects, that is, the project management process with the focus on safety, the service oriented by customer satisfaction, the public relations based on the interests of employees and all parties involved in construction, and the skills and special knowledge of employees based on the requirements of strategy and competition, and makes efforts to become “a trustworthy partner of employers, a supporter of personnel, a friend of the whole society and a model of the industry”.