Dear friends:

  I sincerely thank you for your attention to D.S Company, hope here can be you know we have a window, hope here to find our common development opportunity!

AG亚游平台  Stomach is like the sea, with win-win cooperation strategy to development;

  Small to caress, to intensive cultivation strategic brand management.

AG亚游平台  Langfang D.S Petroleum Pipeline EngineeringCo., a service for oil and gas pipeline and its supporting engineering characteristic and the superiority of engineering company. Susquehanna financial hundred sichuan, competition strategies is D.S Company pursues the management idea, our goal is to put the D.S Company construction become a well-known enterprises with comprehensive competitiveness. We consistently adhere to the "human conduct unified, doing things, persistence, concentration, service, brand reputation first" corporate creed, in order to realize the value of promotion and multiple connotations of win-win situation. This is what we have work attitude, is also the D.S Company, follow the principle of sustainable development.

  D.S Company employees from all over the country together, we walk together, because we desire for success, we hope that the power of the personal condensed into common action, realize common dream. Entrepreneurial process of suantiankula, difficult to use words and language expression. D.S Company way, hard work, hard work, selfless dedication, overcome the entrepreneurial journey on the difficulties, overcome the path of and obstacles and will quickly build a newly founded company into a well-equipped, talents, quality of service excellent modern engineering construction enterprise, well received by the owners, output, revenue and profit tax continues to grow.

  The friends from all walks of life care and support D.S Company, we clearly understand and action to explain the brand value is present, and future consistently create connotation, and win-win is our ultimate goal. We will be your friend and trustworthy partner, fully feel the change of market changes with each passing day, conveniently change, constantly updated concept, to provide support and service for you better. I, on behalf of all the D.S person to congratulate you with all my thanks and best wishes! Your concern is our driving force, we will use the high quality service, and seek common development hand in hand with you!

                                                                                                                             General manager: Chen jianjun